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Business Review

For any business to move forward it needs to know exactly where it stands currently. You need to ensure that you have the most current and relevant management information. At Business Financial Dynamics we can help you provide this information enabling assessment of your business in relation to your goals.

Business & Financial Planning

For a business to meet its goals, whether they are growth, increased profitability, efficiency savings or survival, it needs to have a plan.
A business plan must be integrated defining the overall business goals.
Business Financial Dynamics provides mature and experienced business thinking, giving strategic input and analysis to help you plan for the future, assisting you in the development of your business plans.

Budgeting & Forecasting

To realise the full benefits of integrated planning and to achieve the organisation’s goals, a business needs a budgeting system to guide it through the future, whether this be the short, medium or long term.
Having budgets and forecasts reduce the uncertainty within the business, helping to anticipate problems and improve your ability to control your business.
At Business Financial Dynamics we can help you create flexible budgeting and forecasting models to assist your business planning, guide your actions and inform your future to ensure you reach your goals.

Improving Performance & Process Review

A business needs to be constantly looking for opportunities to perform more efficiently in all areas; this includes taking an objective view of existing business processes.
Improvements in customer service and savings in time and cost can be made by having efficient processes. We can help you to review systems, procedures and overheads to reduce costs and improve margins.


Cash Management – “Cash is King”

This is true whether you are a successful business, a new business or just crawling out of the recession. A business should never confuse cash with profit.
A strong Finance Director can help you identify, plan and execute your cash management needs. Business Financial Dynamics can help develop and deploy a robust and flexible forecasting model to ensure the needs of the company can be met and funds are available when required.

Working with your bank

A business needs an open and collaborative relationship with their bank, so that you get what you need when you need it. Business Financial Dynamics can help cultivate this relationship and liaise with your bankers to drive the optimum level of service, low bank charges and flexible lending options.
We can also assess your banking options, confirming whether your existing bank meets your business needs.

Advice & Mentoring

Not all SMEs require or can afford a full time Finance Director. This is where Business Financial Dynamics can help. We can provide a flexible FD that works as part of your team, providing strategic and business advice and input as and when you need it.
We will provide mentoring for your Financial Controller/Accounting or Finance Manager, helping you to get the best from your Finance/Accounting department. This may require some restructuring of your Finance/Accounting team and we can help with that too.

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Business Reviews
Business & Financial Planning
Budgeting & Forecasting
Improving Performance
Cash Management
Working With Your Bank
Advice & Mentoring