Improving Performance & Process Review

There is much truth in the old adage of “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

A business needs to be constantly looking for opportunities to perform more efficiently in all areas; this includes an objective view of existing business processes.

It is known that many organisations don’t document more than half of their routine activities, many staff have job descriptions but there is often a big discrepancy between these tasks listed and what people actually do. The reality is that staff are constantly dealing with unforeseen variations to their normal/expected duties. This may be because the business has evolved and changed over time or there are inefficiencies in the processes causing staff to perform “work arounds” in order to get the job done. Also tasks that are needed, are not being done as staff are “too busy”. It could also mean that you have the wrong people in the wrong job as they were originally employed to perform a particular job description.

Improvements in customer service and savings in time and cost can be made by having efficient processes. This requires a thorough mapping of the process you have and the process you want, re-engineering the existing process to ensure all tasks are performed efficiently and lead to the achievement of the goals.

We can help you to review systems, procedures and overheads to reduce costs and improve margins.

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