Business & Financial Planning

For a business to meet its goals, whether they are growth, increased profitability, efficiency savings or survival, it needs to have a plan.

An organisation needs to involve all functions of the business in its planning process. No function exists in isolation and all are crucial to the business’s long term viability, each department involved in the planning process has different and equally legitimate demands, this must be recognised, embraced and discussed to ensure they all point to the ultimate goal without sub optimisation.

Many organisations struggle to achieve this for three main reasons:

  • A mismatch of agendas and incentives among key functions.
  • The planning and execution of processes within functional silos.
  • A lack of awareness about the financial impact of operational decisions.

A business plan must be integrated, the overall business goals defined and each functions sub goals identified in order to provide synergy to ensure success. These are not stand alone objectives but form a matrix of input, integration and deliverables.

Business Financial Dynamics provides mature and experienced business thinking giving strategic input and analysis to help you plan for the future.

We can also assist with business plans for special situations; raising capital/funds, due diligence on acquisitions.

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