Why Business Financial Dynamics?

The aim of Business Financial Dynamics is to provide a straight talking, hands on approach, working with all levels and disciplines within businesses to ensure you get expert, professional advice without having the cost of a full time Finance Director.

What we can do to help your business?

Help you to provide efficient delivery of your required financial information ensuring you have the right information to manage your business. Identifying cost drivers, true profitability, cash flow information.
Help you to review systems, procedures and overheads to reduce costs and improve margins.
Give honest and knowledgeable advice to help you make informed business decisions, maximise opportunities and minimise potential problems.
Preparing business plans, budgets and forecasts.
Identifying areas of the business that may need to be strengthened or re structured to provide efficiencies.
Provide on-going input and mentoring on a part time basis.
Provide mature and experienced business thinking to provide strategic input and analysis to help you plan for the future.
Liaise with bankers, lawyers and accountants and other external service providers.
Give financial expertise support to free up your time to do what you do best – running and developing your business.
Assist with business plans for special situations; raising capital/funds, due diligence on acquisitions.
Solving a one off problem or maximising an opportunity.
Our services:
Business Reviews
Business & Financial Planning
Budgeting & Forecasting
Improving Performance
Cash Management
Working With Your Bank
Advice & Mentoring